Tuesday, June 28, 2011

you could be me

in fact, most of you are... i refer to the poor dietary choices, the minimal exercise, the extra 30 pounds, and the overworked over stressed lifestyle... at least... and most of you are a whole lot worse in terms of distance from an optimal healthy lifestyle, but that doesn't help me... and now more than ever we (jackson and i) are torn between hedonistic emotional pleasures and comforts and the discipline required for reversing the unhealthy habits and process...

la la blah :}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

letting it go again

the body, the bloat, the weight... indulging the taste buds cuz there is not time for any other pleasures as work fills the calendar every day lately and nobody is around to do anything else in the few moments away from work... a body craves sensual pleasures, after all...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

bumping it up

free lunch at work, so i eat barbecued meat... dinner invite from roommate, so i eat sushi for dinner... then cupcakes... and finishing the night with chips and chocolate milk... belly grows... social eating... exercise (three softball games last night, but then the team went to celebrate winning the championship so fried shrimp and mountain dew... more ountain dew today), but not vigorous enough and so, bloat... age too... and who cares besides me (and do i care enough?)...

well, balancing the hedonism and health-nut life is not always perfect, but hey, we can always try again tomorrow as long as i wake up again, right? :)

feel free to jump in anytime :)