Friday, May 20, 2016

Maybe I need a gym

So even though I have not walk/jogged since the last entry... wait a minute, that's how the last entry started. I should grumble, but I am too tired and in a good mood. Playing softball five days a week the past month has been wonderfully challenging and winning has made it all the better. The physical labor helping a friend with landscaping is less than once a week now, but today I got a great upper body workout pitchforking mulch. The aches and pains are minimal these days, though the extreme pain in the right heel after rest until it is stretched and loosened does continue, it is more prominent when i do not get enough sleep. most of the other aches have faded in spite of playing so much. There is still the bloat and the occasional left neck cramps. The infections have healed.

Again, this update is to keep in touch with the body and maybe remind me that I did intend to keep the new phase of walk/jogging going. The injuries delayed that and the right achillese/heel continues to make me not get back out jogging, but never give up, never surrender, ya know? :)