Monday, September 22, 2008

brutal heat

the heat over the weekend was brutal on me... he ran around and pitched out there in the blazing sun for hours on saturday and again on sunday and even with gallons of fluids i was drying up and feeling the heat and started cramping in all sorts of muscles when i finally sat down... even rib cage muscles... wow, i never cramped in rib cage muscles before, that was odd... hurt too, but stillness prevailed and i survived and i better get down to the gym more if i'm gonna keep playing softball this much... feels good after the rest :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

sometimes sleep

is all the body really needs...

not that the bloat goes away, but the pounding in the head does... no eating after six pm and sleep, that would be a good habit to get into... if only i would still not wanting to do that all by myself... shhhh, it's a wonderful morning, let's continue that :)

ya know, for a body, you've got a pretty good head :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

bloat me

so i slowed down the taste buds and cut back on portions and feel more bloated than ever (pattern continues) and i still wish there was someone outside of this body who cares as much as i do (and more, right now, cuz apathy is killing me - listen to your body talk).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


two days of eating a bit more sensibly (would have been four, or even five, but influences arrived to change the path) and yet, still feeling bloated... it is amazing what you do to me (says the body)... so uncomfortable... so undermining... so dumb...

yes, thank you body, i can use all the positive pep talks i can get, not that i listen, even to you... but hey, you've got your space to complain, suggest, vent, even fantasize about girls on treadmills... how come nobody uses the pool around here?...

one day at a time...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in this body

there is a distraction before me
a girl on a treadmill
fast walking, no running
i wonder if she runs
her buttocks is calling
not strongly, but loudly
i would like to hold her
i think it would be fun

and i wonder what would happen
if i told her i loved her
i have never met her
except to say hello
and to ask a simple question
what time does the pool close
she answered with a smile
it seems no one knows

her body was born when i was older than she is now
i wonder how much that matters to her, and how
i wonder if she'd be my friend
i wonder if she'd just pretend
to be polite... i wonder what she would allow
but i sit here now

writing my thoughts because my belly is bloated
this body is not ready for sharing today
how can i give comfort when i am uncomfortable
i am not ready to come out to play
one on one with a stranger today
but what has being ready got to do with anything

i came here to read your words and to respond
yet the physical world is distracting me
if her face was adorable i might overcome
the discomfort i feel in this body

so here i sit in the gym writing
instead of doing exercise
i can look in the mirror and see a fool
dying right before my eyes
if i laughed at him
would it come as a surprise?

she just walked out the door
while i sit in the kiddie room
ironic isn't it, well it is from here
the child inside meets doom
writing in the kiddie room
always wanted a toy box
to be my tomb

i came here to read your words and to respond
yet the physical world distracted me
but now the room is empty, everyone is gone
except the chatter of the tv
and the discomfort i feel
in this body

but still i feel hope
for at least i am still alive
in this body

Monday, September 1, 2008

body aches

it has ached better (have i?), but still it's better than it has been and yet it bloats from waist to fingers and muscles whisper what a fool i've been (yes, you have)... but only in the physical world (ummmm)... only in the physical world (where do you think i live, idjit?).

the right arm, especially what is called tennis elbow even though mine comes from pitching a softball close to a thousand times a week, is stiff... the legs, especially calves, are stiff from all the steps of the move (second floor to second floor)... and while the arms and legs beg for food, especially protein but also all the other food groups, the extra 20-30 pounds that is the belly remains an intruder slowing me down and getting in my way (obviously diet will not change this, nor the exercise of running and lifting and softball i do... it's gonna take (shudder) abs work... yes, abdominal exercise... sits ups, which used to be a favorite as a younger child and an ego boost as a teen (as i was confident i could do more sit-ups faster in one sitting than anyone at school, just as i was confident i could out-distance run anybody as well), the same sit-ups that are not the dread of dreads for this body when it comes to exercise... obviously, the body needs a good fit sex partner...

don'tcha just love my obvious solutions... obviouslies (eye roll, pppllleeasse:)