Wednesday, July 27, 2011

losing touch

or more accurately, letting go... the dangerous floating far from conscious awareness of the physical as most humans do allow all sorts of unhealthy habits and conditions to build up in the body and that is not wise...

so cut it out soon? :}

Sunday, July 17, 2011

bliss blitz

there is no doubt that the unhealthiness is apparent and yet the pleasures of the lifestyle are evident in each moment as well and now that jackson is leaving (sad face) for a new life far far away (like almost 2000 miles far far away) we are indulging our love of food all the more (and there is so very little time or energy left for exercise as we both work ridiculous hours these days)... our bodies reach their maximum size as we both ponder the changes...

almost blind with bliss, we smile a lot before we nod off :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

pain in the neck

seriously, tonight it's as bad as it's ever been, like majorly annoying and interfering with sleep for maybe the second time i can remember and combined with the screeching ear i find myself stumbling out of bed where i was actually going to sleep before midnight and sitting here trying to find a comfortable position for my head what with the left side of my neck right up to my left ear (and a little around my left eye and left temple) feeling really uncomfortable with occasional hurtful pain and constant screeching and discomfort... could it be the high salt contents of the three cans of soup i had for dinner, i mean, two were chicken soup, or the blood pressure or the too many hours day after day at the desk job or the lack of daily exercise or something else or a combination or...

and how are you? :}