Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Food Crazy

Two days in a row, back to the old ways of not eating all day then eating way too much in the evening. Rice and beans and peppers and lean pork loins and shrimp, so it wouldn't be too bad if I stopped halfway through (or less), but stuffing the gut is back. The butt itches come and go. The probiotics at three times the dose on the bottle and one huge mean of starches and proteins seem to be helping stop the dry-heaves. Today the largest poop in the past month came out and that was the second of the day. It was mashed potato texture, which is a vast improvement. I picked up the poop test containers and filled four (there are seven in all). Two more poops and I bring them back. Two of the containers have to go into the freezer. It is challenging to do this in someone else's bathroom and house, but I suspect the digestive issues have come from living here. Eb takes an assortment of pills and there are digestive aids and one is an oral anti-fungal medication.

If I didn't mention it, Sunday I found a new gastro doctor and Monday I called and he saw me Monday afternoon and that was an amazing coincidence of events and I will bring the poop tests to the lab and he will let me know if I can be cured or if I have sudden onset digestive issues that will keep me on another daily medication for the rest of this once again shortened life. Modern medicine is killing this body.

I'm still hungry.

Narf :)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains

Metaphorically speaking, I seem to only give the body voice here in this blog when the body is challenged. The recent intestinal issues are nagging and worrisome. After a bit of improvement last night after taking two probiotics and eating two hamburgers and pasta and having soft but not compulsive poops tonight after eating a pork loin and some peppers and onions and rice, the bowel dry heaving began again with mucous and some blood.

Colitis? C.Diff? Parasite? Sudden onset IBS or some other digestive disorder? Fungal infection inside and out? The first is a symptom, the second two make more sense than the last two, though the last is less known to me. Could this be an inflammation of the of the on-again off-again anal irritation that has been slowly getting more constant and irritating over the past two years? Three years?

The bottom line is something is causing recurrent bowel issues and they are getting more irritating and more constant. Tomorrow, I will call a doctor I heard about today. Hopefully he takes my insurance. Hopefully he can see me soon. Hopefully I won't die before I find the one.

Laughter is still pretty darn good medicine.

Narf :)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Not Heading Up

The leg is warm again. Not good, for oral antibiotics would not go well with the current intestinal conditions. The bowels continue to show signs of colitis from who knows what. C.Diff, maybe. Gassy gooey liquid poops suddenly bursting forth with minimal control. During the day, peeing could not happen standing up. This evening, peeing happened twice standing up after having to sit twice. If the leg gets warmer, a relapse of that could be brutal on the other organs. Eating more calories might not be helping. Then again, last week eating almost nothing did not go well. Eating what might be considered bad for the gut seems to be better for the diarrhea. The fluid leaving the anus has been irritating the anus and some blood spots, more than usual, actually. I really must find a doctor who gives a shit. Pun intended. I really do not want to die or end up in the hospital. I think I need to spend money on probiotics tomorrow. And a doctor. Anxiety is not helping at all.

Hi, I'm annoyed, how are you?