Sunday, August 29, 2010

could be

it may all come down to this, that i indulge my oral senses and body with tastes and foods and all the chemical reactions that come with the chemicals in foods because i no longer believe there is someone in this world who will really get me and more, want to share everything and if that person is not out there, why bother denying myself the sensual pleasures i can find that are out there... not frustraion, but pure pleasure?... what a novel idea :)

feel free to offer any other logical reasoning :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my feet hurt

along with 90% of the body as fatigue runs so very deep after many evenings in a row of basketball and eating less (calories, protein, fats, sugars, which is a shock to the system and created a rocky stream of kidney stones and sediment as the kidneys stress over the changes and energy is even lower as chill runs deep through the cells), so tonight i ate three eggs, sort of devilled with garlic, mayo, mustard, and stevia, all aolkaline forming stuff to counteract the high acid body that helps the sediments and stones form)...

it's an old friend ache... sorely missed... and no one is around to curl up around me and tell me i did good and it'll be alright...

sigh, and all :}

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


one of the rare nights i want to sleep and the body is keeping me away with either a uri or something, enlarged prostate?... kidney stone?... some sort of cancer eating away at some vital organ?... or simply, overeating and bloat... not feeling bad at all, just like i need to pee and poop and a little bit explosive, but feeling good otherwise... of course bloat is the easy answer, the least complicated medically, the least worrisome and all that...

how are you? :)