Monday, May 6, 2013

maybe it's the garllic

and the extra water... but anyway, as the weekend continued the blood was less and the healing appears to be happening, the infection seems to be fading... played softball last night and while fatigue and body stress was evident, all went well and that is a big yay... resting is good, but so is the standing and i am going to do a lot more standing (set up the laptop on a box so i can type standing) and walking every day, like many hours more than i have been doing... that will hopefully help the rhoid too, which may be a pollup and not a rhoid as it is sticking around and coming and going and not bleeding... also have been consuming garlic in large quantities in gelcaps and in food and the natural antibiotic properties may be helping the body fight the infection... anyway, good news, i'm not dead yet :)

stay strong :)

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