Friday, May 3, 2013

and today, there's more

more blood in the urine, that is... passed a clot late last night and the darkness of the urine is suggesting a tear in the tubing or even an infection, the latter being supported by the feeling of infection in the body the past day or two and the overall kidney and digestive issues going on for a couple of weeks now... definitely not fun and if i had health insurance (broken record, huh?), i'd probably head to a doctor for a urinalysis and maybe even blood work and i would even consider antibiotics, but for now, i muddle through... hopefully there will not be a sudden flare up emergency during the off hours when the cheaper clinics are closed... think positive, except for the blahs and the ehs and the discomfort and the occasional pains, i seem to be surviving... it's the duration that has me a bit perturbed... not to mention to lingering rhoids (though the standing definitely seems to be helping back there, the increase in exercise and changes in diet and tapping into the fat stores is probably giving the kidneys and liver fits)... and a bit of a headache too... wonder if i have a fever... no clue where my thermometer might be... might be a good day to unpack and sort through all the bathroom boxes and bags, aye?... it really is time for a complete check up, but...

so still doing the standing thing, that is, not sitting... i mean, if i was working i'd be standing and walking a lot, so it makes sense to get up, stand up, and walk around a lot... and still eating healthier... no sugar-waters (soda, pop, juice, etc), light on the spices, lean foods, and smaller portions, mostly... come on body, adjust to the change (and survive, survival would be good too :)

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