Friday, March 29, 2013

forgetting or ignoring

laying in agony too tired to do the exercise or stand the hot steam shower than might ease the pains and let me get comfortable night after night is quite the foolish choice especially when i know better, or at least i say so... and so the last few days i grew the belly and except for softball (did great, 3 for 3, 4 rbi, scored, ran well, pitched well, we won... took a slam on my right arch which is sore, but kicked the ball toward first and prevented a run from scoring... and started a triple play by snagging a low line drive at shoe level, so the body had fun for a few hours and did good)... i could/should be doing more exercise... and eating a bit less... doing more... but the lazy relaxing vacation time is so sweet... except when the body aches... sleep more... and when awake, keep moving fool, and move more... right...

narf :)


Anonymous said...

happy birthday feels like it also belongs here since a birthday is an anniversary of a body form that contains the other forms ...

so, happy birthday!



candoor said...

yes, so right :)

gots to start celebrating the body again (read nothing pornographic into that thought... at least not at the moment :)

exercise, yup, that's what i mean :)