Thursday, February 28, 2013

did it again

disappeared, that is... the arm, the arm, the arm, great excuse... and the luxury of not working so i can sleep when i want and vege with the computer and writing and reading and tv and goofing off has lulled me back into dormancy and it really is a fool's game i play with this body, but at least i am here calling myself out on it... somewhere since i was gone i stumbled through a trail run 5k, the wekieva one... thanks to a friend who numbered me to join her... the arm is holding me back, yes, as pumping it while running hurts, but laziness is the biggest obstacle... at least softball is starting up again... but i am lethargic out there... so kick in the butt time, thanks and all that...

actually wrote this next week, for what that's worth... harumph :}

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