Tuesday, January 29, 2013

numb aches

the right arm is definitely feeling the pitching and packing and moving, sore and limited movement upward and outward... no overhand throwing at all, for sure... the rest of the body is exhausted from the move... i carried way more boxes than i should have and then moved more stuff around than i should have - but the place is comfortable and completely functional and all the boxes are out of the way yet available for unpacking with relative ease... the back is strained and sore... the feet were throbbing yesterday bit are just tired today... since i slept only an hour or less since 6am yesterday morning and only got about 5 hours sinday night and not much saturday night either, the body is screaming for sleep... tonight, sleep on the bed that i still didn't set up but will sleep on anyway... a good night's sleep should take care of everything but the arm... and i just need to go back to resting the arm... and some time this week, get back to the jog/walking, please... yes, the body says please...

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