Sunday, January 27, 2013

lost track of track again

lost track of time, too, but it seems i was seriously derailed by expectations and disappointments and consciously or subconsciously punished the body by giving it rest all week and whatever, right?... dummy, poor sad self-pathetic dummy...

hey, remember me?... yeah, the body... just when i thought he was waking up to remember how to take care of me right, he slides back into the perplexing malaise of self-indulgence sprinkled with hedonism, apathy, distraction, hysteria, laughter, and despair that helps him forget about me... so the 5k way back on the 19th was not great... something like a 43 minute time (approximated due to the long walk up to the starting line and running speed from the 10 minute {and walkers} coral)... without any sleep the prior 24+ hours... without positivity or support, internal or external...

wah wah wah, cut the shit and get off the pot... yeah, you.


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