Thursday, August 25, 2016

Continuing to Breathe

The first title for this entry was continuing to live but I realized that what I do most days is only partial living according to my standards and definitions so nevermind, that's lament and analysis for another entry. Here, in the body, I am continuing to breathe. All of the issues shared in semi-meticulous details (at least it wasn't graphic) continue to be part of the experience of being in this body. The back is mostly better and was fine as I played a marathon softball tournament and other softball games over the past month. I just need to be careful moving and not sit in the same position for long periods. Other issues have gotten a bit better, though the skin flaking has gotten worse (probably due to my letting the beard grow for a month or two). I still need to find a doctor to look at my rhoids and make sure they are not something more serious. Yes, I should do that soon.

The body is lonelier than ever as nobody lives with me and I do not share daily. There is no intimacy except for the hugs I get from softball people and thank goodness they hug a lot. I get to see them once a week starting next weekend. The softball season starts tomorrow night and I have three leagues scheduled for this season so far and can go to the seniors on at least two other days if I want more softball. That will depend on how the back and heel feel as the heel is now chronic and the back is still fragile. The diet sucks as much as ever as I indulge the taste buds and the food addiction to ease the emotional loneliness and economic and other stress. Today I made an effort to get back in touch with the body more and as much as the news is not great, keeping in touch and aware is the essential aspect of improving body conditions.

So that's it about my body for now. Feel free to share yours. :)

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