Wednesday, March 13, 2013

focus or fucus

yes, that is what the body is saying, the us being the cells, i imagine, if only to keep the grammar police at bay (and laugh)... the bottom line to this message is pretty simple, we are here, we are here, we are here! like the who's down in whoville, they tried to ignore the coming doom, but in the end, they just want to survive... so the cells inside are shouting we want to live! even though cells know they die off fast, like many are replaced every thirty days or so, but still, they know they will not regenerate without the body and the body is dying so they say focus or fucus, as either focus on living or give up and die already... impatient cells, perhaps, but they do have a valid point... and who'da thunk i'd be here, this far down the line (thank you for the haunting song, eagles)...

yeah, take life and this body seriously again... and why? :P

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