Tuesday, August 9, 2011

starting over?

inspired to run by (what is her blog name, anyway?... well, sweetness comes to mind, but i can be {and probably have been} more creative than that... later) someone i might like to sleep with someday (did i write that?) and i focused (on the run, back to the run report) enough to actually drive the lap around the apartments to gauge the distance and so each lap is approximately a third of a mile and five laps came to about 1.6 miles... the first lap was finished in just over 3 minutes and the second lap in just under 4 minutes and i ran both in right at 7 minutes... walked the third lap in about 5 and a half, then ran the fourth lap in... forgetting... about 3 and a half... i do remember run/walking the fifth lap to finish in right at 20 minutes, so 1.6 miles in 20 minutes which is about a 40 minute 5k and reasonably pitiful for being as out of shape as i am by my standards...

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