Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So even though I have not walk/jogged since the last entry, I am turning up the energy and running at softball and playing more often. Up to ten games a week when the tournaments are added in. The past three days I pitched seven games and hit well so I ran the bases a lot. Also, I am working hard physically doing landscaping work with my friend Curly at least once or twice a week and helping him with other heavy labor projects like cutting down and removing trees and lots of other heavy lifting. This and other activities have lead to a list of injuries and such. Among the aches and pains are soreness in the foot, extreme pain in the right heel after rest until it is stretched and loosened, twinge of right mcl knee pain, aching from the softball shot to the right upper arm, discomfort and such that comes after passing a kidney stone (earlier today), the bloat, the occasional left neck cramps, both calf soreness from bruises, cuts, and scraps with more pain in the right leg from infection and slight swelling, arthritis in both hands, and there must be some more I am leaving out.

So this update is to keep in touch with the body and maybe remind me that I did intend to keep the new phase of walk/jogging going. The injuries are delaying that, but never give up, never surrender, ya know? :)

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